We created the opening sequence for the 2019, 4 episode, NRK tv-series; Atlanterhavsroerne.

Client: Toothfairy  ---  Rowers: Storm Adventures


This video contains the clients video-segments, and the original soundtrack used by us.

In the end the client wanted to write their own music for the opening sequence.

For this project we created more than 44 individual graphics,

including day/night versions for name-, place- and time-graphics.

For the project we created 15 individual maps to be used for location-illustration during the episodes.

In this case the client wanted a simple and rough look for the maps used in the graphic.

We also created a night version of the maps, but the client decided to use only day versions

We created an animated background for use under the end credits of each episode.

The animation lasted for 60 seconds and had a slight opacity change + motion in the water.

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